URGENT CARE! At least one appointment for Urgent Care available per day. Please contact if you are in pain.

We are a pain rehab & posture clinic providing clinical massage therapy, yoga therapy, fitness and other therapies for pain management (with focuses on sports therapy and child athlete development)


Note: If you are on a Treatment Plan, or if your practitioner may create one for you during your visit, we want to remind you that at StoneRMT all practitioners practice Discharge Planning. This is the process of transitioning a patient from one level of care to the next. Ideally, discharge plans are individualized instructions provided to the patient as they move from frequent care to less frequent care or instructions provided to subsequent healthcare providers.



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Our Mission Statement

Why Choose StoneRMT?

Choose StoneRMT if you dare to live a pain-free life. It is possible. It takes hard work, dedication, and trust in your RMT, but it is our goal, and it should be yours. Our mission is to eliminate pain, avoid surgery, prevent injury, and get you back to doing the things you love. We aim to establish a community of people that share our goals.  A community we will help to reach their health goals, throughout the Durham Region and surrounding areas.


It is our goal to guide you to a pain-free body. We specialize in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions by beginning with your posture and alignment. This begins with the structure and ensuring it is functional and aligned for success.

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We are open with new protocols to protect your health during COVID-19

At StoneRMT we are taking extra precautions to create a safe environment for everyone who comes to our office.

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Are You Tired Of Living In Pain Or Discomfort?

Connect with us for a complimentary 15 min Assessment and Consultation.

Whether you are in the middle of a crisis (ie. experiencing pain, immobility, stiffness etc.), or whether you are preparing for an athletic event, recovering from a sports event, are prenatal, or just hoping to get some advice and maintenance massage therapy. Stone RMTs can look at your current situation and help you get on a plan.

If you are looking for maximum benefit, book our 75 min Initial Visit/Consultation (which is our Free Complimentary 15 min Consult + 60 min paid therapeutic treatment) 

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Here Are Just Some Of The Benefits To Getting A Massage With StoneRMT


Effective Treatment Of Nagging Injuries And Pain


Various Techniques Tailored To Restore Mobility And Increase Strength


Reduce Stress And Tension With Increased Relaxation So You Leave Feeling Your Best

"So many great things to say about this place.

Last minute booking for a mother/daughter day massage. Melissa was amazing in helping me set this up including after-hours communication and advice. Loved the small location for a more personal experience. Ryan was amazing for both me and my daughter. Will absolutely be booking appointments in the future."

- Franchesca Hampton

"Totaly AWESOME! Mellissa knows her stuff and does a great job!

Highly recommend Stone RMT. I have had back, knee and foot pain for many years and Stone RMT was able to help relieve it and with regular sessions i stay pain free! Thanks Stone RMT!!"

- Steve Elford

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Stone RMT has been voted top 3 Massage Therapy Clinic for 7 years.

Services We Offer To Keep You At Your Best:

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Don't wait until you are in such pain and discomfort, that you find it difficult to focus or to get through your daily living activities. Take the 3 Treatment Massage Therapy Challenge...what's the worst that could happen? You could feel better?

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