• JaneApp fully integrates with TELUS eClaims to better assist you with your Direct Billing needs. We are very excited to have this new feature be released. We are hoping this will help us assist you better with seamless direct billing directly in our JaneApp, keeping all files and records together in one place.

  • StoneRMT uses HelpScout: receive the best email support possible. We have been really enjoying using this new HelpScout email CRM to support you with your questions and concerns through email and live-chat. Look out for "How would you rate my reply? Great Okay Not Good at the bottom of your emails. This is where you can provide us feedback on our level of support and let us know if we have been helpful. And if not, how can we be more helpful?

  • Speaking of support - did you know that you can find us in live-chat using the beacon at the bottom-right-corner of our website? YES! We are here to help live. We are working on being live more often, but for now, mornings to mid-afternoons will be best to catch us live. And we will keep working on being available to you more often ;)

  • Reviews: we want your feedback. NEW! we will be sending out emails directly (automated) from JaneApp to find out if our massage therapy was helpful to you. These emails will be sent randomly after your visit. Look out for new opportunities to provide your honest feedback!

  • Brand new website, launching soon. We are very excited about this. It will be cleaner and more comprehensive. Stay tuned for the launch...

  • Posture PerFIT: what's next? Now launching "Posture PerFITly Aligned" - Postural Assessment + Massage Therapy. Check it out here Posture PerFITly Aligned Treatment Details. Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at

There is much more to come and we can't wait to share 2021 with all of you. We hope to continue to meet your healthcare needs and to inspire you every day to learning more about your body and the steps you can take to living pain-free.


All the best. See you soon.

Let's make the most of 2021


StoneRMT Team