Put Patients First

If our approach does not work for people, it does not work for us.

People come to StoneRMT because they have not yet found the help they seek. Or perhaps they don't know that they do not have to live in pain and discomfort, and are curious about how StoneRMT can help. We always start by asking: What problem are we solving? What is it the patient needs today? Are we making peoples lives better?

Care Candidly

We believe that honesty is the best medicine. "The truth shall set you free." 

We practice active listening to a patients concerns, needs, and goals (including those that pertain to the present moment and the future) as we fully understand that ones concerns, needs, and goals can change at any given moment. At StoneRMT, we practice a candid approach, and at times our advices and encouragements may be difficult to comprehend but they are provided with the best of intentions. Therefore, it is our mission to listen, provide honest feedback, be respectuful, and build trust with our patients. 

We invite any and all honest feedback from patients at all times, as we fully understand that all feedback, the good, the bad, and the ugly, are all genuine efforts to help us grow as a team and as healthcare practitioners, to better assist patients in their goals and their overall health and well-being.

"I am They, and They are Me"

We believe in practicing empathy.

To be empathetic is to "feel what they feel." And although we may not truly be able to feel what they feel, we can certainly try our best to see things from a patients position and perspective. Being sympathetic is not enough. Text book advice and text book explanations are not enough. It is not enough to read about a disease or a discomfort and claim to know how it "feels" to live in that discomfort, solely because it has been studied.

Being empathetic takes practice. It takes active listening and understanding. It takes experience. At StoneRMT, we strive to better our empathetic approach, each and every day.



Be Generous

 "To give freely without expecting anything in return."

We believe in striving for greatness. But not our greatness, your greatness. In order to accomplish this, we must practice generosity here at StoneRMT. And being generous is not about doing what we think is best all the time, albeit we will always attempt to provide our best education, advices, and care-tools; we understand that a patients needs at any given time, may be different. Perhaps a patient requires someone to listen; a quiet hour; a time to relax; a caring push to get them to their goals; a phone call just to check-in; an email asking how we can improve the way we care for them, etc.

Being generous is a lifetime practice and persuit. In our persuit of generosity, we at StoneRMT encourage a patients honest feedback, so that we may continue to help you with all of your healthcare needs and goals, without expecation or resentment.

Act with Integrity

And leave Ego at the door

We always act with ingtegrity. We do what we say we are going to do and we admit when we make mistakes.

We practice leaving our ego at the door. This is one of the most difficult practices to strive to achieve as people. We do not promise perfection. We do however, practice "non-competing." We practice "guiding" ones health, not trying to "fix" someone or something. We practice "listening" to the needs of the patient, and guiding and motviating the patient to have what "they want" in their life. 

We practice working as a team.

We do not try to fix or make wrong, the patient.

We strive to provide what is "desired and required" by the patient, to achieve their goals.

Lead with Love

We believe in leading by example

We will definitely pass on our educated opinion, our best advices and practices, and we will strive to always provide the most updated information. However, it is always up to you, the patient, to decide what is best for you, and decide to take action.

Here at StoneRMT, the best that we can ever provide, is a good example. Therefore, it is our mission to be leaders in living a healthy lifestyle, choosing healthy foods, exercise, healing, and self-love, inside and out. And choosing kindness and generosity. 🖤


We're just getting started

Join us as we continue to grow

We are expanding our relationships, our partnerships, and building a power-team of leaders in healthcare and fitness that will change how people view the body, their health, and they WILL achieve their goals of being pain-free and living the healthy and happy life they deserve.

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We are looking for open-minded individuals. We are looking for healthcare practitioners that truly want to help people and make an impactful difference in peoples lives and in the healthcare world. We are looking for individuals that hope to be part of a growing and expanding team for the long-term.

We are looking for all types of healthcare providers such as, medical, physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Naturopathic, Acupuncture, Reflexolopgy, Stretch Therapy, Athletic Therapists, and so on and so forth.

We are looking for individuals that are open to sharing their ideas, dreams and imparting their wisdom and expertise to the team. But are equally open to adapting to a company's values, sharing it's values, and building on it's values together.

If this sounds like you, we encourage you to reach out to our team and share the reasons why you feel you might be a good fit.

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