Our Core Values

We have 6 core values at StoneRMT.

  1. Put Patients First
  2. Care Candidly
  3. "I am They, and They are Me"
  4. Be Generous
  5. Act with Integrity
  6. Lead with Love

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Our Clinic

Our clinic is a Private Practice in the busy downtown Bowmanville.

We accept patients by appointment only. 

Our clinical setting is clean, professional, and follows all Ontario Health Care and CMTO guidelines and best practices.

If you would like to know more, we'd be happy to answer any of your questions. Kindly follow the link below to contact us directly.

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Meet Our Team

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The Patient Experience

Understanding a patients experience when they receive healthcare is integral to providing patient-centered care.

Capturing and reporting this information is an important part of StoneRMTs overall best practices, our performance, and our mission.

A patient can expect the folllowing experience:

  • Caring attitude and active listening from our staff over the phone, through email/text, and in person
  • A generous, integral, healthy, and kind approach to healthcare
  • A Treatment Plan that suits the patients needs and goals
  • Follow-up to ensure the patient is receiving the best care possible
  • Self-care advice and recommendations
  • Hands-on, patient-centered, and quality approach to treatment
  • Being available to patients when they require help, guidance, assistance


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