StoneRMT's newest initiative is to create Urgent Care days in an effort to better help those suffering Chronic and Acute pain.

Our Urgent Care days will be Wednesdays & Thursdays (subject to changes)

Experiencing Chronic or Acute pain? Please complete our Pain Intake Form [see link in our Notice top of screen/page] so that we may better assist you in priority of your pain symptoms.

StoneRMT is a Pain Rehabilitation and Posture Clinic. We will do our best to assist pain complaints as best and as soon as we are physically able to.

*Note: we will be discharging you once we have you back to health. This does not mean that you cannot book subsequent visits for maintenance or other tension relief, however, we will not be booking you on Wednesdays or Thursdays once discharged of your complaints and the treatment plan provided.

**As we hire new staff, we will be able to assist more patients.

Thank you for your patience, co-operation and continued support.

Mellissa Stone



161 King Street East,
Bowmanville, ON
L1C 1N9


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