Are you looking to practice yoga and fitness in Bowmanville?

You’ve come to the right place.

StoneRMT launched its yoga and fitness studio in the summer of 2023. Initially a conventional studio aiming to assimilate into the yoga and fitness sphere, it has evolved into a chance to spread yoga and fitness within the community without placing a greater financial burden on your health and well-being. This shift led us to make yoga and fitness classes donation-based.

At StoneRMT Studio, you have the opportunity to experience any class without charge for the first time. Why persist with a class that doesn't bring you joy or benefits?

Our values are authenticity, accessibility, and affordability. There has never been a better place to practice yoga in Bowmanville. Donate a little, a lot, or nothing at all. We’re here for you. Providing yoga and fitness in Bowmanville is a service, not a commodity. You’ll get the same great quality yoga and fitness regardless of your donation in a respectful and inclusive environment.